This site was started to address one key objective, and that is to foster industrial training. Not even those that have been in the industry for many years can foresee what the future of industrial training holds, but the discerning eye can see some potential in recent developments on employee training.

Running a business requires dedication and professionalism, and so does training. Considering that industrial training is not an easy feat, we are always glad to lend a helping hand. Here are some ways we are helping the industry address its technical training challenges.

  • Corporate Training

We help employers and managers access essential team leadership and management skills for their employees. This section looks at the importance of investing in corporate training, and why businesses that are still lagging behind, should take real effort to make their employees competent.

  • Labour Market Information

We also explore significant development related issues and policies affecting industrial skill training practices. This article looks at the demographics of the labour market, and what the current composition means, regarding industrial training and other trends.

  • Promoting Employee Training

This site provides information to employers on cost-cutting technical issues, such as recruitment, training, and retention of employees. We also strive to identify, and respond to, current and emerging developments on labour and skill deficiency shortages in various sectors of the economy.

For many years, industrial training was often neglected, despite it being among the most critical investment to a company’s human resource. Through us, we believe that our readers will appreciate industrial trading and invest in it.