A Closer Look at Data Science in 2018

A career in data science is not everyone’s cup of tea. Top business executives have realised the gains that come from using data science. Data science is highly rated among one of the most lucrative career choices today. With the volume of information streaming into different databases, it is clear that data science is set to remain, and is not just a fad.

In light of this, employers are now looking for competent data scientists, but the job market is not anywhere close to satisfying this demand. Also, employers are also willing to sponsor some of their employees to pursue this course.

Who Is a Data Scientist?

A data scientist is a professional who specialises in solving complex problems associated with large datasets. At times, they might be referred to as data wranglers with a technical, mathematical, and statistical background. With this knowledge, they interpret data streaming into a database. Top decision making factions of an organisation can then tap into their analytical methods to solve business problems.

Who Can Pursue Data Science?

This is often a significant concern to students and employers. As much as anyone stands an equal chance of pursuing a career in data science, not everyone is cut out for it. Thus, the best people for this job are individuals who love dealing with enormous data sets, and coding.

Prerequisites to Pursuing a Career in data Science

Besides professional qualifications, a data scientists should possess the following skills:

  • Should be conversant with data extraction languages like Python
  • Must be able to analyse data using statistical methods
  • Should be conversant with multiple analytical tools like SAS
  • Should be able to present analysed data

The demand for data scientists is believed to be higher in 2018 than at any other time. As businesses realise the benefit of investing in data science, it is expected to reach even greater heights in coming years.