Tech-Driven Learning Trends

Whether you are just an average, or tech-savvy, employee, this digital age will always have something new for anyone to learn. With the massive growth of tech-driven courses such as artificial intelligence, learner analytics, and micro learning, the future holds great things for both employers and their employees. In light of this, here are some tech-driven modern learning trends you ought to know about.

Collaborative Social Learning

Electronic learning has attracted a lot of buzz around it, and for all the right reasons. In light of this, organisations are now using social and collaborative learning as a way of investing in one of their most important resources; human capital. Collaborative social learning presents a practical option for employees to learn new skills. It also offers the flexibility to access learning material at their convenience.

Learner Analytics

Evolving technologies have made it possible for employers to provide optimised learning programmes. All does not end there, employee data can be analysed to assess learners, and at the same time, offer practical learning solutions. In light of this, it is thought that more employers will embrace learner analytics to provide their employees with an ideal learning experience.

Learning Apps

Today, most people, including employees, are highly dependent on their smartphones. As such, employers and training experts have been quick to make use of this fact, by turning mobile phones into something appropriate as far as learning is concerned. 2018 has seen developers coming up with mobile-friendly employee training apps. This way, employees can always learn something new when the conditions are right for them.

These tech-driven learning trends are the face of employee learning in 2018. Many others, such as artificial learning, micro-learning, and video courses should also be considered. All you need is due diligence on your part, and pick the solutions that seem practical and necessary, to give you a competitive edge.